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One Piece: Will There Be Gear 6 Luffy?

Aug 02, 2023Aug 02, 2023

After awakening his Devil Fruit and using Gear 5, will Luffy get another power-up?

Luffy is the protagonist of One Piece and certainly one of the most powerful characters in the series right now, given that the story is now in the Final Saga. Luffy has progressed by leaps and bounds over the years and he has finally reached the status of the Four Emperors of the Sea, which just goes to show that he's among the elites right now.

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Luffy managed to tap into the power of Gear 5 very recently, towards the end of Wano, when he was fighting against Kaido. However, he still has ways to go before becoming the Pirate King and at the same time, he also has many enemies left to fight. This raises the question of whether there will be Gear 6 Luffy in One Piece. Thankfully, Oda might have already provided fans with the answer to that.

Luffy recently tapped into the power of a new Gear. Over the years, Luffy has developed several Gears that help him find against stronger opponents. For instance, Luffy activated his very first Gear during the fight against Blueno in Enies Lobby. He also activated Gear Third in the same arc and spent the following arcs trying to master these powers. During the timeskip, Luffy was trained in the ways of Haki and this led him to further achieve new Gears. After the timeskip, Luffy pulled out Gear Fourth during his fight against Doflamingo.

The power of Gear Fourth was certainly overwhelming and it pulled Luffy all the way to a level where he could fight against strong Commanders of the Yonko. However, it certainly was not enough for him to defeat a Yonko. Towards the end of Wano, Luffy finally managed to ascend to the next level and fight on an equal footing against the Four Emperors of the Sea. After Kaido killed him, Luffy's heart started beating like drums and eventually, his Devil Fruit awakened. The Devil Fruit Awakening is what caused Gear 5's activation and it pushed Luffy to the next level. In this form, Luffy becomes incredibly free and gains the ability to do whatever his mind can imagine. Gear 5 is Luffy at his very strongest, given that he was even able to defeat Kaido in this form.

When compared to the strongest in the One Piece world, Gear 5 Luffy is essentially capable of holding his own and even defeating them. Kaido himself was known to be a monstrous fighter strong enough to defeat anyone in combat. He had earned the moniker of the Strongest Creature in the World and was also called the Strongest Pirate Alive by many. The fact that Luffy was able to triumph over Kaido in this form just goes to show that he is capable of holding his own against the elites of the world now.

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What's more, Gear 5 gives Luffy the power to do whatever he can imagine. He can even do things that are seemingly impossible such as create and things out of nothing, as he did in his fight against Rob Lucci where he was seen conjuring a pair of goggles or, running in mid-air and even transferring his own abilities to other living beings. Luffy is essentially very overpowered in Gear 5 and in his own words, this form is his peak as a fighter. Gear 5 can't see him fight against any of the Yonko and even the admirals of the Marines. He can also take on stronger threats in the series, however, fans do not know what the power level of the likes of the Five Elders and Imu is. If they turn out to be stronger, then Luffy will have to raise his strength to the next level once again.

Fans have always wondered about Luffy's Gears and what transformations he will take next. In fact, Gear 5 was heavily speculated upon years before it even debuted in the series. Fans expected Luffy to pull out Gear 5 at some point and, similarly, now, fans expect Luffy to use Gear 6 at some point in the series. Of course, whether Gear 6 will happen or not largely depends on Oda, however, fans can also dissect the story that Oda has presented so far and draw their own conclusions. For one, Luffy himself went on to state that Gear 5 is his very peak.

If Gear 5 is his speak, then it automatically implies that there is not going to be a Gear 6 in the future because this is Luffy at his very strongest. Furthermore, there is no other power in the world of One Piece that exists that Luffy can learn to improve his skills. He has already mastered all types of Haki, and, at the same time, he has also fully mastered his Devil Fruit now, the proof of which is the Awakening of the fruit. Given all that, it is highly unlikely that there is going to be a Gear 6 in the series.

It must be remembered that Luffy has now ascended to the title of Great Pirate and that is precisely the level that Shanks wanted him to reach before the two met. Luffy is now on the same level as Shanks and they are going to fight against each other very soon, likely on Elbaf. Furthermore, there is still a lot that fans have not seen from Gear 5. After all, Luffy only just started using it and there are many applications of this power that are yet to be revealed to the fans.

Regardless of the existence of Gear 6, Luffy is most definitely going to get stronger in the future. As mentioned earlier, Gear 5 is still a relatively new power-up for him. Fans saw previously that Luffy had trouble adapting to the strain that Gear 5 causes. As such, it will take him some time to fully adapt to this power. At the same time, Gear 5 is a power with no limitations, unlike the other Gears. With all the other Gears of Luffy, there was only a specific set of abilities that he could access. With Gear 5, that restriction is removed and Luffy can simply do whatever he wants. The only thing limiting Gear 5 is his imagination and fans already know that it is boundless, to begin with. Essentially, Gear 5 can offer Luffy a plethora of ways to grow stronger and combat even enemies who are about the level of a Yonko, if the need ever arises.

That certainly is not all. Luffy can also grow stronger in other ways, especially when it comes to his Haki. While Luffy has trained all three of his Haki to the next level, there is still room for growth there. For instance, when it comes to the Color of Observation, Shanks can look into a longer future than Luffy. That is certainly something that Luffy can improve upon with time. When it comes to the Color of Arms, Luffy can, once again, improve the output and efficiency of his power and, above all, Luffy is very new to the Color of the Supreme King. There are fighters in the One Piece world who have wielded this power for years and Luffy needs to catch up to them by training it continuously. In that regard, Luffy can still grow much stronger and he has the tools to achieve that. Gear 6 might not exist, however, Luffy will grow stronger anyway.

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