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A Closer Look at Kawi Performance's OEM

Jun 29, 2023Jun 29, 2023

Kawi Performance out of Long Island, NY boasts an extensive catalog of innovative aftermarket products for Kawasaki JetSkis, and we had a chance to check out their OEM-size billet aluminum supercharger pulley for the Kawasaki Ultra 300 and 310!

This CNC pulley was designed and tested right here in the United States by Kawi Performance, and is made of high strength billet aluminum with a marine-grade black anodizing that’s resistant to corrosion and rust. These pulleys have almost zero runout, so they spin wobble-free.

Less wobble and a corrosion-free drive surface translate to increased belt life and less wear to supercharger components. The stock pulleys on the Ultra 300 and 310 Jet Skis are made of carbon steel, which has a tendency to rust pretty aggressively when repeatedly exposed to saltwater. See a video of the KP pulley compared to the stock steel pulley HERE on JD’s WaterWorld.

Before they leave the shop, each KP supercharger pulley undergoes a rigorous certification and quality control process. These pulleys work great with the stock Kawasaki OEM steel idler pulley, or can be used with the Kawi Performance stainless steel idler pulley, which is designed to be corrosion and rust resistant for salt-water riders. Kawi Performance also offers a great selection of powder-coated steel and color-matched anodized aluminum pulleys to assist riders in meeting their performance goals.

Since this is an OEM-size supercharger pulley, no special ECU tune or oversized idler pulley is required to run it. If you are looking to increase your boost, this pulley is not for you- rather, this pulley was designed to give recreational and endurance riders a rust-free and light-weight pulley that reduces spool time while delivering stock levels of boost, reducing vibration, and increasing belt life.

Kawi Performance designs all of their parts with both freshwater and saltwater riders in mind, with many of their parts featuring marine-grade stainless steel hardware that won’t rust or fail. KP’s extensive catalog features both OEM and aftermarket components, with options to fit any budget or riding style.