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Jason Momoa: 5 Times He Was Hollywood's Best Metalhead

Sep 11, 2023Sep 11, 2023

Jason Momoa is an undeniable star. He has a list of impressive credits, and he’s not exactly hard on the eyes. One of the most endearing things about the actor is his love of heavy metal.

If you follow him on Instagram, you’ve undoubtedly seen a post touting his metal fandom. He’s certainly not shy about showing his fandom either, like rocking a Metallica shirt at Melbourne’s Comic Con in 2017.

Momoa even likes to jam with his kids. In a February 2021 interview with Bass Player, he recalled how he, his son and his daughter played an impromptu cover of Tool’s “Sober” while on the set of Aquaman. (He played bass, his son was on drums and his daughter was on guitar.) Why did they perform the cover? Because it was Momoa’s assistant’s birthday, and she’s a big Tool fan.

Momoa notably told Bass Player, “I studied and studied and studied bass, and I was like ‘My God, I wish I would have done this when I was young.’ I wish that I had that opportunity –but I’m making up for lost time.”

Since Momoa loves to celebrate his love of heavy metal, we thought it was only fitting to celebrate his fandom. (Plus, it’s just cool to see a notable metal-loving celeb!) Here are five times Jason Momoa was Hollywood’s best metalhead.

Momoa was one of a handful of celebrities spotted at Metallica’s August 25 and 27 shows at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Fan-shot footage below shared by TMZ shows Momoa having a blast in the mosh pit. As if that weren’t enough, he shared on Instagram how he was able to go backstage to hang out with Metallica and Pantera. On top of that, he was able to FaceTime with a friend of his who’s battling cancer, so he was able to see the show and meet a bunch of rock stars virtually.

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In 2020, Momoa received a fancy custom Fender bass for his 41st birthday that was personally delivered by Fender Master Builder Vincent van Trigt. So, what do you do when you get a new bass guitar? You slap the heck out of some Red Hot Chili Peppers, obviously!

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Seriously, Khal Drogo is living a metalhead’s best life! In June 2019, Momoa shared photos of him meeting Slayer and Anthrax. He captioned the moment, “Love metal. So much fire. It was one of the greatest shows of my life. Childhood dream. @slayerbandofficial @anthrax My mind was blown. Meeting your idols and they’re f—ing amazing. So thankful. So grateful.”

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Momoa had another touching moment with Slayer at their final farewell tour performance in November 2019. The actor took to the stage with opening act Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals to perform Pantera’s “This Love.” Momoa wrote of the moment, “My mind was blown f—in’ BLOWN. I was living out my childhood dreams.”

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As part of Ozzy Osbourne’s 2020 studio album Ordinary Man, a number of videos were created. One of them was the clip below teasing the song “Scary Little Green Men.” Momoa stars in the clip and lipsyncs the tune and just looks beyond cool while doing it.