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Metal Band Megadeth Will Headline Wargaming's Metal Fest Event

Sep 16, 2023Sep 16, 2023

Four titles from the Wargaming franchise, including World of Tanks Modern Armor and World of Warships, are collaborating with Megadeth for Metal Fest.

Several games in the Wargaming franchise, including two from the World of Tanks series, will team up with band Megadeth for a special new in-game event called Metal Fest. Since it began, the Wargaming universe has expanded across console, PC, and mobile devices to offer a myriad of different combat experiences for players. Releases span across land, air and sea, with titles like World of Tanks: Modern Armor, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships: Legends.

Wargaming announced today that multiple titles will be part of a collaboration with the world-famous metal band Megadeth in a special summer event called Metal Fest. The event will span across four titles: World of Tanks: Modern Armor, World of Tanks: Blitz, World of Warships, and World of Warships: Legends.

The event will begin in World of Tanks titles August 29 and World of Warships games August 28. Metal Fest will run until September 25 for Modern Armor, September 3 for Blitz, September 13 for World of Warships, and October 2 for Legends.

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The collaboration with Megadeth for Wargaming's Metal Fest goes far beyond a few simple song inclusions - there are several pieces of new content inspired by the covers for three albums by the band: Peace Sells…but Who's Buying?, The Sick, the Dying…and the Dead!, and Rust in Peace. World of Tanks players can enjoy new Mega Tanks based on the first two aforementioned albums, while Warships will receive the Rattlehead Battle Cruiser that harkens back to Rust in Peace. Several songs by the band like "Tornado of Souls" will also play as players prepare for battle during the event.

Wargaming's Metal Fest will feature a host of new audio, and not just in terms of pre-battle music. Megadeth's skeletal mascot Vic Rattlehead is a prominent figure alongside the band in the event - the character will have voiced dialogue for the first time ever that will be featured alongside the over 350 lines Megadeth's members recorded, and Vic will be featured as a 3D commander in World of Tanks: Modern Armor. There will be many other special items and inclusions, like Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine as a ship commander in World of Warships and a dedicated quest in Blitz.

Wargaming is no stranger to interesting crossovers, with collaborations like World of Tanks' Arnold Schwarzenegger holiday event becoming a yearly occurrence. However, this particular themed event across a wide array of titles is a new kind of experience, and Megadeth's musical themes fit in perfectly with battling. Players will be able to see everything Metal Fest has to offer across World of Tanks and World of Warships games later this month.

Source: World of Warships Official Channel/YouTube

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